‘Warm up’ is an important piece of advice from Taylor – she couldn’t be more right!  Warming up properly before sports and activities is the best way to avoid injuries.  Taylor enjoys a lot of different activities… and isn’t a fan of sitting on the sidelines!

What physical activities/sports do you currently do?

Netball, basketball, touch, Scouts, swimming, hockey, cross country, Ki Orahi

What are the best parts about being physically active/doing sports?

You get to hang with your friends

How do we make it fun for girls to be physically active, and try new sports?

Allow them to try other sports, not just the main sports they play. I have been injured and off sport in the past, so make sure the people looking after teams help them warm up properly, because it is boring sitting on the sidelines 

Are there any sports or recreation activities you’d like to try?

Lacrosse, volleyball, water polo

Taylor isn’t the only HERA girl who uses sport and activities to spend time with her friends.  Our HERA Ambassador Tegan Bartlett thinks sports and activities are an awesome way to socialise and meet new people.